HARDBALLER is an action comedy of a man, who can’t admit his doubts and fears about his impending marriage, until he gets thrown into a situation of life and death during his bachelor party gone horribly wrong.
Partners behind the movie
Bongobongo is Helsinki-based creative Production service company gifted with vision, ambition and hunger for visually stunning moving images.
Two heads work and solve problems faster. We have formed an effective team where one of us directs while the other one nails it in cinematography – and in no time we swap roles and keep it going. You know, Tervonen is a hockey dude and Tamminen plays football - nobody is a jack of all trades! But together we can be.
Blockbusters Gang is a staffing, production and marketing service provider in the media industry, formed by a network of freelancers.
Pommijätkät are buddies who have dedicated their lives to explosives, technology, chemistry and science. The Gentlemens are at the root of the explosions seen in the TV series, possibly the most famous Posse and the Dudesons came into the house!
The MOVIEMENT Crane car’s advantages are that it is lightweight, portable and completely wireless. We are based in Helsinki, Finland, but are not limited to Finland.
Whitepoint is a visual media company specialized in post-production, mixed techniques and new technologies.
Aeria is company specialized in aerial cinematography and video services that is able to operate anywhere in Finland.
Sankariliiga, League of Heroes is a Helsinki based Art department company. We provide production- and costume design, special props, VFX and conseptual art for film-, tv-, commercialand stage productions.
Kinos Rentals strives to be more than just a rental house, we focus on high quality equipment, great service and innovative solutions for projects of any size
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